Hello and welcome to WDKHosting.  I ran into the situation of finding affordable Hosting services with GREAT PERFORMANCE!
Being a Photographer and Videographer, as well as a starving artist. I needed Quality and Performance but at a reasonable price.
Shared hosting with the mega companies quickly became a joke.  Unlimited Everything is just a sales gimmick!  Period!  I don't know
of a single computer system/server that has unlimited memory, hard disk space... Well you get the idea.

So I got a server and am splitting the cost between up to 20 people.  The disk space and bandwidth is limited according to the package you select.
However this is a GREAT advantage over other shared hosting.  At these limits and at 100gbps access to the Core BackBone of the internet...
that's about 10 times faster than the majority of the Big Box Type of hosting companies!  With no throttling!  Also with my hosting packages
your less likely to become a target of a DOS (just read about how GoDaddy, Yahoo as well as several other mega companies) are targeted each
and every year from hackers.  Several of my clients who are hosting with GoDaddy were shut down for as long as 5 days.  On a couple of accounts
I actually had to go in and reload their entire site. (I don't work cheap either)

So moving on, if you have the desire and ability to setup your own website with minimal help.  Or as much help as needed (I'm not really that expensive)
I can set up as much or as little as you need.  Occasionally I will be offering classes on web design, online sales, photography, video as well as business
planning from dream to reality.  I can also review your current business model and help you improve your bottom line, quickly!  It takes work, but I'm the guy
to get you motivated and make sure that your ROI with me is well more than you expected.

More information to follow...

Friday, September 28, 2012

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